The cPanel Control Panel was indeed the undisputed leader among hosting management interfaces some time ago. Once cloud website hosting gained popularity, the cPanel platform couldn’t adapt to the new reality and match the demands of the evolving hosting industry any longer.

The Local Small Business Hosting Control Panel was built to operate on a cloud hosting hosting setup and can easily speedily be modified each time a completely new functionality is designed. It’s really a one–stop site management solution for taking care of your online presence as well as your domain names, websites, invoicing and your tech support requests.

1. Domain name/billing/site controls

Should you want to control your domain names, web sites and invoicing from just one location and not have to utilize any extra interfaces, the Local Small Business Hosting Control Panel is what you need.

If you’d like separate Control Panel solutions – one for your websites, and yet another from where you can manage your domain names and invoicing, then cPanel is good for you. Nonetheless, you’ll need to sign into 2 locations concurrently to successfully handle your web presence.

2. File Structure

In the Local Small Business Hosting Control Panel, all your web sites and subdomains will be independent from one another. Each site will have its very own directory segregated from the rest within the /home/ folder of your hosting account. You can easily switch from working on one website to maintaining another.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you’ve just one website hosting account for your primary site and if you’d like to get extra sites in the same account, they’re going to be integrated as subfolders of your main site. This could make handling numerous web sites very puzzling.

3. File Manager

With the File Manager in the Local Small Business Hosting Control Panel, you’ll have full control over the contents of your websites. You’ll be able to instantly add new files with a drag & drop capability, effectively change several files at a time by way of the multi–selection option, unarchive archives in a mouse click, change files using the integrated generic and WYSWYG editors and many more.

The File Manager featured in the cPanel Control Panel has been upgraded many times through the years, but it still does not present a good experience as opposed to other online file management tools. You are unable to make use of a drag–and–drop capability to upload files, the zip/extract tool may be difficult to rely on from time to time and then the file editing user interface is restricted in capabilities.

4. No–cost Bonus Tools

The Local Small Business Hosting Control Panel is managed by us and offers a big 100–percent–free gifts that might typically cost more than $1000 bucks with some other companies. You will get access to hundreds of free web themes, the Simple Web Site Installer, Application Installer, a PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, a selection of Advanced Tools, etc.

The freely available bonus features incorporated in the cPanel Control Panel could vary from zero to several. All of the free bonuses in the cPanel Control Panel are commercial software and will be at hand provided that your hosting company has acquired a certificate to supply them. This way, if your supplier zero–cost add–ons together with your plan, they will definitely add to the value of the package.

5. Control Panel Tool Speed

The Local Small Business Hosting Control Panel has been built utilizing the latest Internet technologies. In this way, it makes use of in full the power of your web browser and net connection to so you can control your web sites really fast. In our comparison tests, when conducting related tasks, the Control Panel showed 3 times quicker speeds in comparison to other control panel solutions.

cPanel continues to be performing on a platform from a decade ago and will certainly be slow occasionally. The cPanel development team has made a serious step with the launch of cPanel accelerated. Then again, in comparison experiments, standard web site administration jobs usually exhibit superior outcomes with other Control Panels.

6. Multi–domain name Management

The Local Small Business Hosting Control Panel allows you to easily take care of numerous websites and their domain names from one location. Each individual web site will have its very own unique directory in the root of your account and will also be totally independent from the rest. In this manner, you need use just one website hosting account to handle as many domains and websites as you have.

The cPanel Control Panel will keep different elements separated – you’ll have to handle your domain names from one web address and your websites from a different one. Each site features its own Control Panel. Controlling a number of web sites from one Control Panel is also possible, but could be confusing because all extra domains will be stored in the directory of the main domain.

7. Control Panel Navigation

The Local Small Business Hosting Control Panel is admittedly simple to navigate. You will find a very useful top menu, through which you may get to virtually any area of the Control Panel, without needing to go back to the homepage each time. Plus, we’ve added a simple stats module on the home page, so every time you log in, you’ll have a glance at exactly how many visitors have recently attended your web site.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the home page is the only place that includes links to the various sections. In case you follow a menu and wish to immediately move to a different one, you will have to get back to the main page and go further from there. Such type of navigation can easily slow down your task when you need to instantly perform a few operations at the same time.

8. Test Control Panel Accounts

Using the Local Small Business Hosting Control Panel, we have created a fully featured demo interface for you to have a look before signup. You will have access to an evaluation cloud website hosting plans account from which you’re able to configure mail addresses, mount web applications, generate brand–new sub–domains, and build a website using any of our site constructors, etcetera. Should you like what you have created – you will be able to sign up through the demo account and preserve the things you have created thus far.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is in fact a screen–shot of what is within the main menu. Virtually every capability that is displayed there is inaccessible. This way, when you sign up, you’ll have no idea how the different tools and features of the Control Panel actually operate.

We could number every feature of our Online Control Panel here and match it up against the cPanel Control Panel. However, it’ll be easier if you simply take a look at our live demo account and find out the real difference by yourself.

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