Tutorial videos are several-minute-long clips that explain to you exactly how to perform a given operation. If you’ve never had a site and the web hosting sphere is something utterly new to you or in case you’ve switched companies and have never seen the new provider’s hosting Control Panel, such video lessons will be really handy and will help you become familiar with the interface in question, not to mention the amount of time that you’ll save. Without tutorial videos, you would have had to either try out the different buttons in the Control Panel or check help articles. Although you can still learn how to get things done all by yourself, it would be incomparably easier to watch a simple-to-comprehend video tutorial and then to just adhere to the instructions, avoiding any chance of making a mistake in case a specific help article is unclear.

Video Tutorials in Cloud Website Hosting

Our cloud website hosting plans include a custom hosting Control Panel, which is a pretty intuitive and simple to use, which goes to say that you will have no problems doing anything you desire. Nonetheless, we have compiled an elaborate video repository that contains a plethora of instructional movies devoted to every Control Panel section and the functions that are accessible through it. In case you wish to learn how to set up a new database or to select a different PHP version for your account, for instance, you can see the specific steps you need to adhere to. We’ve gone even further – we have prepared a number of informative videos too so as to give you a clue as to what access and error logs are, or what CPU load is, for instance. You can browse all the available tutorials whenever you like, or you can view only the ones that are dedicated to a particular section of the Control Panel.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server packages feature a rich informational video repository so as to offer you the opportunity to use all the functions and the full potential of our semi-dedicated server plans, even if you possess zero past experience in such matters. Even in case you are more advanced, you can still resort to the videos and discover how you can use our functionality-ridden Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The topics that we have encompassed are broad – what precisely is system load, how to modify the PHP version that your semi-dedicated account uses or how to set up an email mailbox with a couple of clicks are only a few examples. You can discover how everything is done and spare lots of time, even more so taking into consideration the fact that in each and every section of the Control Panel you can watch only videos that reveal what you can do there. In case you prefer to browse through all the videos that we have created, you can do so using the link, which is located at the bottom of Hepsia’s main page. With their valuable help, you will be able to accomplish anything you desire quickly and easily.